Near by Attractions

How far away are you . . .

20 minutes from Lake Michigan

20 miles from Holland

15 miles from Grand Rapids

25 miles from Kalamazoo

Other Closeby Activities: 2 golf courses,
tennis courts, rivers & lakes,
churches of your choice and stores.

*Art Prize, Van Andal Arena, DeVos Place, Rivertown Mall, Cabela's, John Ball Zoo, General RV, and American RV, Camping World, Meijers. Hungry Horse would love to host campers going to Art Prize, all the hotels are full.

10 miles
from the Campground




Enjoy camping and the best art display in the nation.

Grand Haven State Park


Grand Haven Musical Fountains



Saugatuck State Park

Fredrik Meijer Gardens



Wooden Shoe Factory


Michigan Adventure Amusement Park

Rivertown Crossing Mall

Several popular stores such as Old Navy,
Macy's, Rue21, Hollister, Kohls, many
restaurants, Carousal, Celebration
Cinema Movie theater)

Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium

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